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In December 2017 GSA announced the release of the SSQ+ tool which is in beta testing. The original SSQ contains sales that have been reported through the 72A portal. The SSQ+ tool includes both sales reports from 72A as well as the FAS Sales Reporting Portal. Use of the SSQ+ tool allows for a more complete view of the data.

The Schedule Sales Query (SSQ) enables you to easily access the sales, business size and NAICS information reported by our Federal Supply Schedule Contractors. The report generator allows you to quickly select a preformatted report for the information you need. To facilitate the process, the thirteen formats were developed based on historically requested data. Some of the reports will instruct you to selected either a Schedule number, a Fiscal Year, a Contract number, or a Company name. Unsure about the Schedule or contract number for your report?? The Schedules e-Library is a valuable source of information, so click over if you need extra facts before selecting the report format.

Schedule Sales Query presents sales figures as reported to GSA by contractors. The reports are generated as quarterly reports for the current year and the past five fiscal years. The sales data reported here are updated as contractors' reports are received, but the data may not be up to date. The information on this site is used by GSA for contract administration and fee management. It is not the official source of sales data. This data should be used for informational purposes only.

For inquiries from the press, please contact the GSA Press Line at (202) 501-1231.


News Last Updated: February 15, 2019
Friday¸  February 15, 2019
  • FY 2018 Sales:   (1:00:00 PM EST)  
    All quarters for 2018 are available for reports 7-11

Tuesday¸  January 16, 2018
  • FY 2017 Sales:   (11:00:00 AM EST)  
    All quarters for 2017 are available for all reports

Friday¸  August 04, 2017
  • FY 2017 Sales:   (10:00:00 AM EST)  
    Third quarter 2017 is available for all reports